Terms of service


1. These Terms fully comply with International Law and Documentation Rules.

2. Only able-bodied people who have reached the age of 18 can register and participate in the online program presented by the Agros company.

3. The registration procedure on the agros.au website is mandatory for every person who wants to become our partner.

4. By registering in the online program provided by Agros, you confirm your consent and acceptance of all the provisions set forth in these Terms.

Disclaimer of liability

1. Agros does not provide tax, legal or insurance services. Any information posted on the agros.au website should not be taken as a direct recommendation for any action.

2. Before taking any financial actions and participating in the online program provided by Agros, carefully read these Terms.

The procedure for calculations on debt slots in the online program provided by Agros

1. The Client performs financial transactions solely, independently and voluntarily, at his discretion.

2. All transactions are made only in the currency that is available on the platform and which was used by the client in a particular financial transaction.

The procedure for using the affiliate program

1. SPAM technologies that are used to increase the number of attracted partners are prohibited.

2. Multiple registrations aimed at increasing partner remuneration payments are prohibited.

Regular maintenance and technical service

1. Agros reserves the right to temporarily terminate the provision of services if it becomes necessary to install new or updated software, in cases of various modifications and other changes that improve the operation of the website or improve its functions.

Risk statement

1. The client's use of the program from Agros to make a profit online is not categorized as a "risky business" only if this is done by specialists with sufficient experience, skills, technologies and material resources.

2. Any information having the nature of a forecast or opinion that the client can read on the Agros website is only one of the alternative opinions and cannot be interpreted by the client as a direct call to action.

Changing conditions

1. Agros reserves the right to make changes and additions to these Terms without obtaining the consent of the client.

2. Agros undertakes to inform customers about such changes and additions in the form of news that will be published in the relevant section of the agros.au website, as well as through newsletters to the email addresses of customers that were used by them when registering an account with Agros.

3. All changes and additions take effect from the moment of publication of this information on the agros.au website. If any change or addition should come into force from any specific date, this circumstance will be specified in this publication separately.

The procedure for using the services

1. Each client, without restrictions, can request any additional information from the support service concerning the online operation of the program provided by Agros, as well as concerning the interaction of the Parties. For this purpose, use any method presented on the company's website. By registering on the platform, you give consent to receive electronic mailings related to system updates or other changes related to the work of Agros.


1. Agros understands the seriousness of the consequences that may follow as a result of a DDoS attack on the website. All over the world, cybercrimes of this kind cause the most tangible damage to the operation of websites, sometimes bringing irreversible negative consequences and irreparable material damage. Working with trusted customer funds, Agros cannot allow such consequences with its own website. In order to reliably protect the personal data of each client, the funds that may be on the client's account balance, as well as in order to maintain complete confidentiality and security of the use of databases, Agros has posted a website using technologies that provide one of the best DDoS protection technologies in the world of any kind and scale.

2. In addition to a modern and efficient DDoS protection system, the agros.au website is equipped with a data transmission encryption system, which is by far the most advanced data encryption technology and prevents unauthorized interception of data that the Parties can exchange with eaco other or third parties.


1. Termination of Agreement occurs from the moment when Agros notifies the client of such termination in writing to his email address specified during account registration.


1. If any disputes arise between the Parties, and there is no corresponding provision in these Terms that could resolve these disputes, the situation is resolved only through a negotiation process between the Parties without involving third parties before full entry into force.

2. The Parties agree and confirm that these Terms are accepted by the Parties voluntarily and are equivalent in terms of liability of the Parties.

3. The Parties undertake to comp

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